Cakes and kicks

Last week, I’ve been asked to make an Air Jordan 3 cake. I knew it was going to be quite difficult, but I love a good challenge. I eagerly accepted the order.

shoe cake

When my husband learned that I was going to make a shoe cake, he got excited and told me that he wanted to be the one to do it. He wasn’t into sneakers, nor was he a Michael Jordan fan. He simply wanted to try his hand at cake decorating.

carved cake

I got annoyed at first, but then I thought “Why not?” My husband has a steady hand, and he is a perfectionist. He definitely can carve this cake way better than me. So I let him go to work. He carved out the shoe based on some photos that I printed. He then proceeded to cover it in fondant and airbrushed it in black. Meanwhile, I took charge of the shoe box, and my assistant took charge of the Jordan and Nike logos.

sneakers cake

My husband had to go back to work, so I was left with a cake that was half-done. I didn’t want to pick up where he left off because I just can’t work that way! I have to be the one to do a cake from start to finish for my creative juices to flow. I had to get into a zone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice so I started working on the shoe laces. My husband came back just in time to add the other details.

sneakers cake

He worked on the rest of the shoe while I painted the lines on the edge of the rubber sole. Unfortunately for both us, it was such a humid day that the fondant just kept on getting moist despite the air conditioning. The paint job on the sole would have looked much better if not for the weather. As you can see on the photos, the lines have smudged.

Nevertheless,we finished the cake without any major problems. I was really proud of my husband!

shoe cakes
Air Jordan 3 in cake form

This isn’t actually my first time to make a sneakers cake. My first sneakers cake was a red high-cut Chuck Taylor for a girl’s 18th birthday party.

sneakers cake

I made everything on this cake since my husband wasn’t around to help me that time. He was at the hospital when I made this last June 2014.

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