My first cake exhibit/bridal fair exhibit

I’ve always wanted to be able to make display cakes. Unfortunately for me, my store is too small to accommodate a display window or even a small display case to hold cakes in their actual sizes as samples for potential customers. All I have to present to clients are photos of my previous works. It’s…

All about Minions

So who else is excited for the new Minions movie coming out next month? Well, my sister and I are excited, along with probably thousands of kids who find these cute little yellow creatures so adorable! I am pretty sure that there’s going to be a resurgence of Minions-themed orders after the movie goes out. Well that’s a…

My first sculpted bag cake

I chose to model the cake after a Birkin Hermes bag because I felt that the design was easy enough to copy.

Happy Mothers Day!

How do you tell your mom that you love her and that you are grateful for everything that she’s doing for you?