Looking back and giving thanks

I just realized it’s been three years since COVID put our lives on a standstill.

I’m sharing the photos of a complete dessert spread that was scheduled for March 17, 2020 at 6 pm in one of the hotels in the city. I already heard the news that some establishments where a lot of people could convene would be asked to temporarily close because of Covid, but we have already been working on getting this order ready for 2 days. At noon time that day, the client contacted us and told us that the hotel canceled her booking for the party, as ordered by the city government. She still wanted to push through with the party though, but she was going to hold it in their backyard. I was thankful, because I didn’t have to deal with the problem of wasting all these delicious and beautiful desserts we’ve been laboring on. A cancelled event, especially due to circumstances that no one can foresee, would be a loss on both my end and the client’s end. At that time, we still didn’t have a clear grasp of the Covid situation, but I am sure that both the client and I didn’t want to waste all the preparations.

What followed were days of uncertainty for my business. I continued to open my shop every other day since we still had a few orders to fulfill, and the directive at that time was only to avoid social gatherings. So people still wanted to have their cakes and celebrate at home.

Everything was up in the air. The city started to become quiet. Finally the day came when they announced the complete lockdown of non-essential establishments and activities. The whole month of April I stayed at home, not knowing whether I would still have a business to return to. Some of my clients messaged me for small orders, but since I did all of my cake work at the shop and not at home and with the groceries and the market all closed up, it was difficult to make anything. It was a month-long forced vacation that I didn’t enjoy. Instead, I was highly anxious at that time. I was worried about all the losses, the bills to pay when life from this standstill would resume, if people would still want to have celebrations after this, if I would still have work for my staff to do.

Fast forward to 2023, and I breathe a sigh of relief and I say a prayer of thanks. My business has survived the pandemic, but we are still riding out the inflation. I am sure we will make it, with the support of all our clients who all came back to us once it was safe enough to go out again. We also thank those who discovered us during the pandemic and who started to become our regular customers. We are also thankful to our newest clients who gave us a chance to be a part of their celebrations. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

In about 2 months, we turn 10 years old. Thank you very much for being with us and believing us. We may not be your usual cakeshop (we didn’t resume our dine-in option, and we now only accept pre-ordered items, after being successful with just taking customized orders during the pandemic), but we thank you for choosing us after all these years.


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