I opened a giftshop in Dumaguete City!

One of the things they teach you when you open a business is to identify your clientele. You have to be specific about your target market so that you can design your products and services better to satisfy and address the needs of the specific demographic you choose.

Anyway, technical stuff is boring. In short, I sell cakes. But over the years, I started getting requests from people based outside Dumaguete City if they could include flowers or a special item together with their cake orders. And so Dumaguete Gifts For You was born. It is specifically for people based outside the city — mostly foreigners who want to send their girlfriends a surprise, OFWs who want to join celebrations at home while being hundred of miles away, or boyfriends who, during the pandemic, were not able to visit their girlfriends for a long time.

BTS inspired cake and a bouquet of sunflowers

Our goal is simple: it is to bring you closer to the one you love through gifts! It doesn’t matter if you are in another city or another country. We will try to bridge the distance between you and your loved ones so that they will know that you remember them and that they are special to you.

Customized drip cake with a bouquet of roses and a balloon bouquet, best for a mother’s birthday celebration

We offer a variety of items. Aside from the usual cake and flowers, we also offer balloon bouquets, stuffed toys, customized gift baskets, and other special items that you want to be delivered. Of course, we charge a sourcing fee and arrangement or gift wrapping fee for special requests.

Custom gift basket ordered from the USA
Chocolate basket and a cake

We deliver within Dumaguete City and in neighboring towns within Negros Oriental (up to Tayasan in the north and Siaton in the south) either by motorcycle or by car. We suggest the best mode of delivery considering the distance that needs to be travelled and the type of items that you order. Car delivery is the suggested mode of delivery for larger items and especially if you order a customized cake. The fee is quite steep especially with the recent oil price hike, but if you want to give your loved ones the best, then you should choose the best method of delivery for every order.

We also offer car surprise service!

I’ve set up a webstore for quick and convenient ordering to make payment easier. Our webstore offers Visa/Mastercard and GCash payment options. There are pre-packaged items on the webstore, but for customized orders that require a lot of specifications from our clients, we advice them to place their orders through our Facebook page so that we can discuss the details through Facebook chat.

If you know someone who is from Dumaguete or Negros Oriental who might want to use our services, please do recommend us! We would be very happy to help them!

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