Why should you learn how to make sugar cookies?

I made some really pretty sugar cookies the other day. They were for the 69th birthday of my client’s mom. She loves gold, pink, and teal.

decorated sugar cookies
Shabby chic sugar cookie souvenirs in teal, pink, and gold
customized shabby chic sugar cookies
Shabby chic sugar cookie souvenirs in teal, pink, and gold

I really love making sugar cookies. It was one of the first things I learned when I was starting out. Even before I started baking and decorating cakes, I was already practicing on sugar cookies

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The very first sugar cookies I ever made, way back in July 2011.
The very first sugar cookies I ever made, way back in July 2011.

I want to share my passion in making sugar cookies with you, but to be honest, they are difficult to make. The weather, especially here in the Philippines, plays a big part in your success in making a sugar cookie. That’s why decorating them is a more intricate and challenging process. So why bother with them at all?

Why should you learn making decorated sugar cookies?

Here are my reasons:

(1) The possibilities are endless with sugar cookies. It’s so versatile that you can decorate it any way you want. A simple round shaped cookie can be decorated in several ways, such as the ones I’ve made:

sugar cookie art
Minion-themed sugar cookies, one of my best-selling designs
monogram sugar cookies
Round monogram and floral cookies
decorated sugar cookies
Superman and Superhero cookies for Khalil’s first birthday
elephant sugar cookies
Elephant on chevron print for Ellie
Round sugar cookies with Ben 10 logo
Round sugar cookies with Ben 10 logo
olaf sugar cookies
Frozen-themed sugar cookies

customized sugar cookies
Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. in cookie form
(2) You can use royal icing, or in my case Wilton color flow, and fondant in decorating your cookies. This gives you flexibility in incorporating techniques and design elements.

decorated sugar cookies
Mothers’ Day sugar cookies decorated both with color flow and fondant
(3) Sugar cookies are perfect souvenirs. Small inedible knick-knacks that are given away during weddings or birthdays are a thing of the past. After the event they are mostly put away and forgotten. Why not give your guests these yummy and pretty decorated sugar cookies? They can be customized to fit the event’s theme, plus they don’t spoil easily (my recipe lasts for 2 to 3 weeks). Your guests will definitely enjoy them.

edible wedding favors
Wine bottle sugar cookies are perfect wedding giveaways
Sugar cookies for a corporate event
Sugar cookies for a corporate event

(4) I think sometimes cupcakes are boring. They are too mainstream right now. Everyone’s making them, so why not try something else that’s different but definitely delicious and eye-catching? Sugar cookies are fun and unique.

cookie bouquet
How about a cookie bouquet for a change?
ladybug cookies
Garden-themed cookie bouquet
(5) Looking for a new activity for kids? Try cookie decorating! It’s not as messy as having kids decorate cupcakes, but they’ll have the same amount of fun! Here are some photos of a cookie decorating activity I had with some kids and toddlers last October 2014.

sugar cookie decorating activity for kids
Prebaked and pre-iced sugar cookies with fondant name plates ready for each participant
cookie decorations
Colorful sprinkles and pre-cut fondant shapes ready for our little cookie decorators
Simple setup for each kid: one cookie, sprinkles and fondant decorations, and a small dish with water. Dip your fingers in water, apply it to the back portion of the pre-cut fondant shapes, and stick to the cookies. It’s just like putting glue on paper!
Cookie decorating activity with toddlers and kids from Enopi at Pink Plate Meals and Cakes last October 2014.
Happy kids with their finished products take a photo in front of my store logo.

Are you convinced to try sugar cookies now? If you are, watch out for my next post where I will discuss the basics of sugar cookies.


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