Wayback Wednesday: Mermaid cake

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

One thing I learned since I started cake decorating is that you have to continuously improve yourself. You can’t afford to stagnate. In order to stay relevant in this business, you have to innovate and continuously surprise people. In order to do this, you have to be able to criticize your methods and your products and find ways of making things better.

This is my first ever post for the “Wayback Wednesday” category. I plan to look back on cakes I’ve done in my earlier days as a cake decorator and compare them with the ones that I have done recently. It will personally help me gauge my progress and improvement as a cake artist. At the same time, it will inspire me to further make myself better. It will make me acknowledge my humble beginnings even more. We all started somewhere, and it’s so much fun to look back.

July has been mermaid month for me. I’ve made two mermaid-themed cakes and an “under the sea” themed cookie set. Plus, I’ve been having lots of inquiries from potential customers about more mermaid cakes and sweets. I think that it would be fitting to take a look at my mermaid cakes. Let’s start with my most recent one.

Little Mermaid cake
Baby Little Mermaid with Flounder

11737956_10153502158579439_5739357937133858485_n Mermaid themed birthday cake


I really enjoyed making this 8×4-inch round buttercream frosted cake with fondant details. I personally love the sea grass. I’ve managed to give them some movement. I also love how my Sebastian the lobster figure turned out. Now, let’s take a look at a mermaid cake I made sometime in 2012.



I really don’t have a decent picture of this cake. There’s a lot of things wrong with it. First of all, the picture itself could have been taken at a better angle. The cake could’ve been smoother. Then, there’s the mermaid’s face and the details that have not been properly arranged. I can go on and on with what I should’ve done differently on this one, so I think my most recent mermaid cake was a huge improvement. But then again, even that one has its flaws too.

Anyhow, here are the other mermaid/under the sea goodies I’ve made this month. Enjoy!

mermaid cakeunder the sea sugar cookies






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