Mack the Truck: another cake collaboration with my husband

Lately, my husband has been showing a lot of interest in cake decorating. While his involvement in cake decorating before was more on driving me to delivery locations and sourcing wooden rods and wooden trays to support my cakes aside from handing me a lot of criticism, these days he’s carving the cake and crafting the details.

mack the truck cake dumaguete
My husband covering the carved cake with ganache

This cake was for his nephew’s first birthday. It was my husband’s idea to make a Mack the Truck cake for him. He saw the cake online and wanted to make one himself.

Mack is now covered in fondant.

We actually had very limited time to make this cake since we had to go out of town before the birthday party. We baked the cake five days in advance, then we carved the cake and covered it in fondant the next day. After that we took a trip for two days. When we came back, we only had 2 1/2 hours to finish the cake.

A thin layer of fondant covered Mack four days before the birthday party.

I was still tired from the trip when we went back to decorating the cake. I was still debating with myself whether I should just go ahead and airbrush the fondant right away or if I should cover it with fondant again. I decided on the latter since this first layer of fondant was all wrinkly and crumpled. Plus I was worried about the weather (it was an extremely hot day and condensation would most certainly ruin the cake once it goes out of the fridge and out of the air conditioned room I was working in.) The party was to be held at the beach, so I had to make sure that my cake would be safe.

customized fondant cakes in Dumaguete
Mack the Truck carved cakd by Pink Plate Meals and Cakes

In the end, my decision to wrap it with a second layer of fondant paid off. My cake was dry when we served it at the beach!

**Just a little note: If you see from the pictures, some of the spots seemed to be darker than the rest of the cake. Our airbrush gun was clean, and we used Americolor Super Red airbrush color. If you check my previous post, I had a black shoe cake on an orange box cake, both of which I airbrushed. There were no uneven spots on the orange cake. This only happens when we use this color. Perhaps this type has been mixed with a bit of black? I’m not sure. I bought another brand of red airbrush color, and I’ll be using it on a cake later this week. I’ll let you know if I’ll still have the same results.

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